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Whites Hotels & The Burren Geopark

All Whites Clare Hotels are situated a short 10 minutes’ drive to the Cliffs of Moher and right in the Burren Geopark. Geoparks are regions with outstanding natural and cultural heritage where people and organisations work together to ensure a cared-for landscape, better understood heritage, well-managed tourism and vibrant communities.

Top 10 Things to Do in The Burren & Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark

  1. Explore the Burren Coast
  2. Witness the natural wonder of the Cliffs of Moher
  3. Don’t just visit the Burren, taste it!
  4. Discover more with a guide
  5. Join a Geo-fest
  6. Delve into the underworld
  7. Take a journey deep into the past
  8. Unleash your adventurous side
  9. Grab your walking boots
  10. Pick up a Whistle or Fiddle

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